My passion for lowcountry real real estate can be traced back to my childhood days spent on the waterways of Lady’s Island. Whether accommodating guests during my years as co-owner of the Beaufort Inn or becoming an original member of the Southern Coast Realty team in 2003, I’ve been in the business of helping people fall in love with South Carolina’s lowcountry from the start. The reason? I love watching people go head over heels for the place I’m blessed to call home. That’s why I jump on every chance I get to help people find their perfect home with Southern Coast Realty.

As a realtor, I combine real estate business experience with hometown expertise. I can usually be found meticulously examining local real estate sources each morning. By checking the market daily, I’ve been able to provide timely and relevant insights to my clients. I’ve even helped many become the first to view a property when it enters the market. And while you can expect nothing less than a level-headed, get-it-done attitude from me, what I’m most proud of is the fact that many of my clients evolve into lifelong friends.

Buying a home presents many challenges. Between finding the perfect place that checks off every box on your list to purchasing that home, countless factors will make up the whole of your real estate buying experience. I know that no single approach is right for everyone and every situation, which is why I pride myself on having a long-standing reputation for being perceptive, a good listener, and a champion for my buyers. Clients know they can expect constant, warm-hearted communication from me, as well as a buying experience that is tailored to their needs and desires.

And while real estate can be serious business, you can bet we’ll be having lots of laughs along the way. My husband often jokes that I’m “the fun one,” and that is just fine with me! When I’m not helping people find their dream homes or matching them up with a phenomenal local builder, I love to entertain and laugh with my family, especially if that family time can be spent on or near the water. I’ve been told that my love of the lowcountry is contagious, and I believe that’s true only because I’m passionate about showing off this magnificent place where I’ve been blessed to spend my life. Once you experience the lowcountry for yourself, I know you’ll want to call it home, too.