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A great location in Sea Pines Resort

The Briarwood Villas in Sea Pines Plantation are all on one level and come with two to three bedrooms, making them an excellent spot for some serious comfort and relaxation. As soon as you step inside, you'll be blown away by the spacious interiors that are just begging you to unwind and recharge. The condos have their own private courtyards that will act as your secret hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the island.

Briarwood Villas are in an ideal location near some of the island’s most well-known places, like Harbour Town, Sea Pines Center, epic walking and biking trails, and nature preserves that are truly breathtaking. You'll be in awe as you explore winding paths and stumble upon hidden treasures and tranquil views.

And speaking of views, Briarwood Villas have some amazing ones. Think stunning lagoons, lush golf courses, and peaceful marshlands. Waking up to the sounds of nature and gazing at gorgeous vistas is like living in a dream.

Whether you just want to relax or are craving some adventure, you’re covered with Briarwood’s prime location. It's the perfect starting point for all your adventures on Hilton Head Island.

Get ready to have a blast and make unforgettable memories with a villa in Briarwood. It's where comfort, beauty, and the magic of the lowcountry come together for a one-of-a-kind experience.