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Russ was very professional in helping me understand the market in Hilton Head and Beaufort County. Having lived in Hilton Head for many years, he knows the history of its of its growth, and his years in construction mean he can offer an additional perspective. He was a pleasure to work with, and I am grateful I was able to benefit from his expertise." ....Dotty Davis....⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Berkeley Hall Community

Imagine starting your day off by meeting up with a close friend for a run. The weather is cool, perfect for running, and as you jog the trail changes from smooth pavement to a wooden bridge. Above you, sunlight streaks in through the canopy of trees draped in curtains of green moss. In the not-so-far-off distance, the water of the Okatie River glitters so brightly that it makes you glad you opted for sunglasses. Later, you have an appointment at the community spa, and then it's off to a nice dinner at the Tuscany Wine Cellar. Wow, you think, I love living here.

Berkeley Hall

If the place in the scenario above seems like a fantasy, it’s not. It’s the community of Berkeley Hall in Bluffton, South Carolina, and it’s no surprise that the theme of the development is “a life well-lived.”

Located along the Okatie River, Berkeley Hall is one of the lowest-density private golf clubs in the area with only about five homesites per hole. Residents here love their golf, and it’s no wonder seeing as how living here gets you the benefits of membership at a Five Star Platinum Club, including two golf courses, a ton of amenities, clubhouse dining, and social gatherings that will adorn your memories for years to come.

If the abundance of luxury in Berkeley Hall seems a little out of reach, don't be discouraged. The community offers four home options starting at $300k and going over $2M, so you can live a life of comfort and leisure regardless of your budget. Houses here frequently have mesmerizing views of the marsh, golf course, lagoon, or river. Some even feature deep-water access with private docks and boat lifts. If philanthropy is important to you, it's worth noting that the Berkeley Hall Club organizes a Charitable Foundation that has raised more than $2.5 million for charities in the Bluffton area. Berkeley Hall has so many positive attributes it’s difficult to adequately describe them all. It’s a place you really must see and experience for yourself. We’re sure that once you do, you’ll understand why the residents here revel in the philosophy of “a life well-lived.”

Berkeley Hall Community Information

Berkeley Hall Community Information