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Deb Fielden | Lady's Island Local

As a lifelong resident of the Beaufort, South Carolina area, my favorite thing about being a local real estate agent is watching people fall in love with the place that makes me feel like I’ve won the hometown lottery every day. Beaufort is a city rich in Southern charm, history, culture, and absolutely stunning natural beauty. The people here are welcoming and kindhearted, and the properties are as unique and diverse as the wildlife that inhabits the lush, green areas surrounding them. It’s my goal to help you experience all the best the lowcountry has to offer (which is a lot) and to usher you into a property that allows you to live the lowcountry lifestyle of your dreams.

Southern Coast Realty is where decades of business knowledge combine with local expertise and true Southern hospitality to deliver a real estate buying experience unlike any other. I’m proud to be a central part of this team because I get to live out my passion for the Beaufort area every day. I see firsthand how my clients’ lives are changed when they not only achieve their real estate goals, but do so in a way that is stress-free, enjoyable, and often ends in new friendships.

While my love of the Beaufort area began during my childhood on Lady’s Island, the city of Beaufort was forever cemented in my heart when my husband, Russ, and I remodeled and opened the Beaufort Inn years ago. Running the inn allowed me to fall even deeper in love with Beaufort and to introduce countless visitors to its charming streets, flourishing riverbanks, rich history, and abundant waterways. Years later I’m still doing exactly that, only now I don’t have to say goodbye at the end of a visit. Instead, I have the distinct honor of handing over keys and saying, “Welcome, neighbor!”

If you're looking for a real estate agent who knows the Beaufort area inside out and has a proven track record of making clients her top priority, then you're in the right place. I'm committed to understanding your needs and goals and using my insights and expertise to make the buying experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. Living and working in the area my entire life has given me extensive insights into local neighborhoods, school districts, landscape features, and community infrastructure, giving my clients a noticeable advantage when it comes to finding and negotiating their perfect property. When you work with me, I work tirelessly for you. From our first meeting to the day contracts are signed, you can rest assured that I’ll handle every detail of the transaction with skill, expertise, and your best interest in mind.

Deb Fielden

"I cannot say enough good things about DebFielden. She was the consummate professional. She listened to my wants and needs in selecting a home in Beaufort and made sure that I was familiar with the areas she showed me...Chri Romig...⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Russ Fielden | Broker-in-charge

When buying property, you want an expert on your side. Not just an expert in finding properties or negotiating contracts or communication; you want someone who is an expert in every single aspect of the complex real estate buying process. With nearly 20 years of real estate experience in the Beaufort, South Carolina area and decades’ worth of local knowledge, I believe I’ve earned the right to call myself an expert, and my past clients agree.

I first moved to the Beaufort area in the early 70s on Hilton Head Island back when the Sea Pines Resort was paving the way for the one-of-a-kind resort culture the region is now famous for. I’ve watched as the area has grown and transformed from a small, relatively unknown “hidden gem” to the bustling hub of culture and activity it is now, and I’m proud to have grown along with it.

My career started with the Sea Pines Company and Hilton Head Inn before I transitioned into construction and remodeling. Then, having combined knowledge of the hospitality and construction industries, my wife, Deb, and I tackled our biggest project yet: remodeling and opening The Beaufort Inn in downtown Beaufort. It was a labor of love for both of us and only further stoked the flames of my enthusiasm for lowcountry real estate. That enthusiasm came to an apex when I started Southern Coast Realty in 2005, and I haven't lost an ounce of dedication or intensity since.

People say the key to a happy life is to find what you love and call it work, and I love the lowcountry lifestyle. What’s more, I can’t get enough of sharing the home I love with others. Beaufort is a vibrant city, bursting with breathtaking scenery, history, and culture. Those who are lucky enough to live here never lack recreation or entertainment opportunities, and we all feel a close-knit bond with our community and neighbors. There’s no doubt we’re living our best life over here in the lowcountry, and it’s a life we’re happy to share.

So why should you work with a buyer’s agent when looking for property in the Beaufort area? Simply put: you need someone with the skills, experience, and local knowledge to protect your interests and ensure your real estate goals are met. As a longtime resident and business owner in Beaufort, I know this area and the market like the back of my hand. Past clients agree; I’ve got the skills and know-how to turn a complicated transaction into a smooth and, dare I say, enjoyable experience. This is my full-time career, my passion, and my company, so you can be sure I’m committed to all things lowcountry real estate and delivering nothing but the best service to my clients, who often become lifelong friends. If you’re ready to see all the best the Beaufort, South Carolina area has to offer and have a world-class real estate buying experience, consider contacting me today. I’m eager for the opportunity to show you this wonderful place I call home.

Russ Fielden

"Our family highly recommends Russ! Russ has helped us sell multiple properties and each transaction was thoroughly professional and a very pleasant experience. We have recommended him to others throughout the years. You will not find a more professional, dedicated, knowledgable and friendly person to help you than Russ Fielden." - L. Ivy, Savannah, GA....⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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