Learn The Waterfront In the Surrounding Beaufort SC Area

Our many islands

Imagine a cluster of coins in a fountain of shallow water and you will have a rough idea of the geography of Beaufort, South Carolina and the intricate network of barrier islands that separate it from the Atlantic Ocean.

It is a fascinating geography with water everywhere in the forms of inlets, creeks, rivers, tidal marshes teeming with wildlife and the sounds of the sea. In between all this water are our nature sculpted landforms and island of various shapes and sizes. All are rich with palmettos, pines, oaks, magnolias, cedars and other lowcountry vegetation which make up our sea island maritime forests.

Waterfront home sites are generally classified into 4 main categories

Deep Water or Deep Water with limited access: Deep water means that at a normal low tide you are expected to have at least 3 feet of water depth at your dock and in the creek or river your on that leads to a large body of water. Deep water with limited access means that your are expected to have at least 3 feet of water at a normal low tide at your dock but the creek or river your on may have less than 3 feet of water depth at low tide between your property and a larger and deeper body of water that you would want to access.

Most deep water real estate listings that are deemed "deep water" have the required 3 feet minimum. However some listings do not disclose the accurate depth of the channel. So it is always a good idea to check it yourself (I always do for my clients) to be sure.

Tidal Creek: Tidal Creek means that you should expect to have less than 3 feet of water under your dock at a normal low tide and the channel to deeper water is likely to be shallow at low tide. This means depending on the draft of the boat you may have a little wait to get in and out at low tide. This varies from creek to creek and is often not a major detriment to boating in our area.

Marsh View: Most of our waterfront is along the many marsh areas which are not conveniently accessed by water except at or near high tide. The views, the wildlife and the sounds are what makes living on the marsh so special.

Oceanfront: Our oceanfront properties are located on Fripp Island and Harbor Island. The beach access varies on Fripp as well as the amount of beach at high tide. Much of Harbor Island is Oceanfront but is set back on the mouth of St Helena so the waves and ocean currents are not as strong.

Oceanview: Oceanview properties are usually 2nd to 3rd row from the beach with partial to full views of the ocean. Views can vary from "peekaboo" to very nice views across open spaces