Deb Fielden


Southern Coast Realty LLC

2015 Boundary Street, Suit 311 Beaufort, SC 29902

Deborah Mitchell Fielden co-owner and neighborhood home specialist with Southern Coast Realty  is enthusiastic to share her local knowledge.  She was born and raised on Lady’s Island and is passionate about the real estate market in Beaufort County.   Her genuine sincerity and outgoing personality make it easy for clients to feel comfortable and most become solid friends.

Deb is focused on the current market daily and clients are the first to know when a great buy or the perfect property becomes available.  She checks all her sources every morning to see what is new, changing, and selling in the real estate market.   She emails her clients daily with her findings and her constant contact has paid off for many of her clients.

"One of my clients expressed interest in finding a home that met their lifestyle expectations. After questioning them, I knew exactly what they were searching to find and how much they were willing to spend.  They were skeptical about finding their dream home but after several emails and various showings, I found it.  I focused on all their criteria and found a home that was perfect, however it was priced 30% more than they could spend.  I knew it had been on the market for over a year and had a contract fall through.  so I called the listing agent and told her that if the seller was willing to drop the price 30%, I would show it to my clients.  She told me absolutely not but called me back the next day.  My clients purchased the home that day and moved in less than 2 weeks later.  They now own the least expensive home in the neighborhood and “feel like they won the lottery”. 

Deb has been with Southern Coast Realty since it was established in 2003.  Prior to becoming a realtor, Deb spent 10 years as the co-owner of the Beaufort Inn where she was in charge of  the accounting and guest services. 

Deb really enjoys working as a Buyer’s Agent.  She has helped many find the perfect property after carefully listening and being “on top of the market”.  Deb is perceptive, upbeat, and outgoing.  Her love of home is genuine and very contagious.  She knows and loves the Lowcountry.

Her love of the Lowcountry is evident. She loves to spend time with friends and family enjoying the Beaufort River or Atlantic Ocean.  She would invite all to come experience this beautiful place we call home.