Good Deals on foreclosures and short sales Beaufort SC

Foreclosures and short sales are happening in Beaufort SC just like everywhere else in the country.  They are a popular search for investors as well as people that want a deal or steal.  Foreclosures and short sales both require more research and effort on the part of the buyer's agent.  It has been my experience that foreclosures that are great deals for desirable properties are not on the market for very long. 

I have shown several foreclosures that my buyers were very disappointed not to get an offer in fast enough.  The most recent was a brand new home that had never been occupied that was a spec home which means a developer or builder built on speculation that it would sell fast.  My buyers needed to think about it and I did some research for them about taxes, insurance, and homeowners fees.  They decided 4 days later that it was a great opportunity but the house was under contract.  Because of the military presence in Beaufort, foreclosures under 200,000 go very quickly.  The military influx of renters and buyers make those homes very desirable for investors.  I watch the market every day for those foreclosures and now my investors realize they must act fast. 

Short Sales are more difficult as unless they are "bank approved" the process can be very long and frustrating.  Some real estate brokers are listing properties that have not been bank approved at very low prices trying to get interest and offers.  This can be a complete waste of time and money.  Unless the bank will take less than what is mortgaged, the contract will never go through.  Russ and Deb Fielden with Southern Coast Realty know the market and area and will not waste your time or theirs if a short sale is just going to frustrate.  This is a great time for opportunities that have not happened in many years in Beaufort real estate.

Please call Deb or Russ to see how they can help you secure a golden opportunity.


Deb Fielden