South Carolina Lowcountry


The lowcountry is a series of areas located along the coastline of South Carolina. For many years it has been seen as an extremely desirable resort location, as well as a scenic and peaceful place to retire. In previous decades, the coastline was a profitable farming community, and was able to thrive and grow its economy into a popular destination for vacations. In recent years, the communities have maintained a focus on the traditional Americana atmosphere of the area, which in turn has boosted the tourism economy. However, tourism is just one part of the economy - lowcountry realty is also extremely active as the coastline of SC is a highly desirable place to start a new life, buy a holiday home, or retire.

South Carolina LowCountryA Popular Destination

There is some dispute as to which areas are included in the lowcountry area but most commonly, Beaufort and Hilton Head Island are considered two of the most visited and celebrated communities. The county of Beaufort has grown substantially, and is now one of the most popular resort areas in the United States today. It is also well known for being home to many movie scenes, including a famous scene in the hit movie "Forrest Gump".

There are many reasons why one may wish to retreat to the peace of the lowcountry; it is both peaceful and vibrant, both charming and full of character - it is considered by many to be a very rounded community that has something to offer for everybody. South Carolina itself is a very popular tourist destination too, as it contains many of the charms of the south without the high prices associated with the major southern states and cities. The rustic charm of SC can be felt throughout the entire state, and different elements of its traditional values permeate the atmosphere.



South Carolina LowCountry

Coastal Real Estate

Those interested in a beautiful side of SC should absolutely look into their lowcountry realty options. Property on the coastline region is spectacularly beautiful and the market is highly competitive. Looking into real estate options in this area is not just wise in terms of finding a desirable holiday/retirement home, but as a real estate investment it is likely to grow and remain very stable due to the high desirability associated with the area.

As always, anybody interested in purchasing real estate should do their research and consider all of their options. It should be noted that the quality of life in the lowcountry is high and as such could be beneficial to just about anybody. In part, this is related to the coastline atmosphere and southern charm - something that is often enjoyed by those that grew up and lived inland and away from the beauty of a coastline region.

As South Carolina continues to grow as a thriving southern state, so too does its beautifully unique coastline towns in the lowcountry. Consider staking your claim to one of the most sought-after but carefully developed regions in the country by heading to the lowcountry to see it for yourself.