Beaufort County Property Search

beaufort-county-property-searchRich in history and abundant with beaches, the coast of South Carolina is a beautiful place to begin your home search for a waterfront property, and Beaufort County is perhaps the perfect place for you to end your search with a success. The waterfront areas in Beaufort County are very appealing to visitors and tourists alike, and many temporary visitors are charmed by the area and decide to move here to experience the waterfront lifestyle of South Carolina on a permanent basis.


Beaufort County is conveniently located between Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. Being close to the water is very convenient for boating, fishing, and many other recreational activities. The fishing in Beaufort County on the coast of South Carolina gives you the opportunity to catch flounder, trigger fish, and mackerel. Some people enjoy fishing on the pier, while others take their boats out for fishing and simply leisure time. The coastal cuisine is one of a kind with the various types of seafood readily available – oysters are a fan favorite.

The history of Beaufort County is unique and the downtown area is full of historic plantation homes. Along the beaches you will find many older lighthouses that have become a part of the historic landscape. Some of the lighthouses are still in use, while others offer spectators a bird’s eye view of the sea and sand.

Waterfront living offers the best of many worlds. You can find a community that offers great shopping, restaurants, and its own social life. The landscape and inner ocean is also a great habitat for many types of wildlife including birds and dolphins, and also features many beautiful barrier and sea islands.

Searching For Property In Beaufort County

If you have performed a Beaufort County property search and have found some areas that interest you, the best person to contact about them is Russ Fielden who can help you with your search and provide expert tips on finding your next coastal home. He specializes in the real estate of the Beaufort County area and can provide you with some great information about special available properties. Russ can assist you with your Beaufort County property search and find the dream home you have been looking for.

Whether you are looking for a luxury home that overlooks the beautiful sunsets of the ocean’s horizon or looking for an investment that can be used to create income, the coastline of Beaufort County in South Carolina has gained much praise from buyers and agents alike. You can find historic homes for sale in the downtown area, new homes along the beaches, and condominiums as well.

New homes are being built every day along the coast and the historic charm of the area brings in many people that come to visit Beaufort County, and it is the perfect place to settle for the many people that decide South Carolina is home. In addition to living in Beaufort County permanently, quite a few people also own investment properties that are leased out during the peak seasons when tourists and visitors come to the area. Be sure to perform a thorough Beaufort County property search to see what is available and get ready to make the move to a splendid waterfront lifestyle.