Downtown Beaufort SC, in the Heart of the South


Historic Downtown Beaufort SC is a thriving town of stores, night life, community projects, and more. Beaufort is located along the coastline of SC and is a part of the extremely popular lowcountry region. This region has grown considerably through the 20th century to transform from an agricultural area to a desirable tourism and resort community. In part this has been achieved by harnessing the natural, picturesque beauty of the area and focusing on the strong American values that can be felt all over the coastline. When people talk about the American dream, downtown Beaufort SC is the kind of traditional, American setting that many conjure up in their imagination.


Among the activities often available in downtown Beaufort, visitors and residents can expect to enjoy wine tasting, seafood events, festivals – the list goes on. There are also often sea-related activities such as shrimp boat contests, boat trips, and fishing projects that everybody can get involved in. The downtown area has a strong focus on having relaxing fun - there are always enjoyable activities and things to do that fall within the general category of peaceful recreation. Along with events, there is a great range of independent stores that specialize in unique foods and crafts that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.

South Carolina Coast

South Carolina is within the line of states known as the "Heart of the South", as it contains many of the charms and features that the south is known for around the world. Good old hearty meals such as grits and bacon are served almost everywhere, and one does not have to drive far to be treated to yet another visually stunning location. South Carolina is an incredibly diverse state; the unique southern beauty of SC extends from the hustle and bustle of its major cities to the beautiful coastline towns in the lowcountry.


Downtown Beaufort Real Estate

The real estate market in downtown Beaufort is very competitive as it is a highly desirable location - those interested in looking into the area can contact Russ, a longtime member of the community who is able to offer great advice. The market in this area is desirable not just for the natural beauty of the area and surrounding areas, but for the stability that a real estate investment has in this area. As many of the homes on the waterfront are purchased as vacation homes or retirement homes, their value remains very stable and it is for this reason that many look to the lowcountry when buying a new home.


Downtown Beaufort SC has something for everybody - whether it is the person that just needs to get away from it all, the person that wants to start again in a vibrant new setting, or the senior citizen looking for a peaceful new home. Beaufort is a wonderfully diverse community that features a great community that cannot be found anywhere else in the United States. Come and check it out for yourself, and you are sure to find the area nothing less than spellbinding.

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