Beaufort SC Deals

Now is the time to get the best prices on Beaufort, SC real estate.  We all have those "shoulda, woulda, coulda" stories about real estate purchasing.  Now is the time for the "sawit, knewit, didit" stories.  I have a client that has expressed interest in getting a great deal right now.  I told him about a home that came on the market last Friday.  We went and looked on Monday and it was perfect and the price was almost 40% less than it was one year ago.  I did some research and found out what the taxes, insurance, and homeowners' fees would be. 

He told me he was going to make an offer after he discussed with his wife and business partner. 

The home was under contract by Thursday with someone else.  He was so disappointed and told me next time I expressed that something was a great deal, met all his criteria, and would not be on the market for long, he told me that he would act fast.  The great deals do not last even in this market.  He is now a believer.