Deb with her hands on hip in Beaufort River

1959 Growing up on the Beaufort River in Beaufort, SC.  Deb is the one with her hand on her hip also pictured are lots of Mitchells (her family).  What a life. 



Relocation to Beaufort, SC should be a smooth transition.  Because of the large military presence, the wheel does not need reinvention.  Beaufort natives are friendly and welcoming no matter the reason that you are choosing to relocate in Beaufort. The community feel is undeniable and low taxes and good schools are in Beaufort, SC. 

I love sharing my local knowledge and enthusiasm and will make relocation not only smooth but also fun.  I can show you where the movie locations are and the best place to get a shrimp burger.  I love sharing my stories of growing up and exploring the Beaufort River. 


My first "set of wheels" as a sailboat.  I remember being in the Beaufort river all day and going to town on the Intercoastal Waterway, docking my little boat in downtown Beaufort and buying a cold cola.  If I was not home on Lady's Island by dark then my younger brother would come search for me in his small motorboat.  I would go in and out with the tides.  It was not unusual to not spend any waking hours inside.   


Let me take the time to show you the lifestyle that makes relocating to Beaufort, SC the smooth transition that it should be.   My Uncle Cecil used to tell me "You can never be in a hurry to have fun."  He was right.  We have a home in paradise not just because of the physical beauty but the deeper beauty of the lifestyle.  


One of the best reasons to be a Realtor in Beaufort, SC is that you are reminded of what a blessing it is to live, play, and work in this paradise.  When I am showing off this wonderful place it keeps me from becoming complacent.  Every morning I go into my office and look for any "steals of the day" and I regularly email them to friends that also happen to be clients.  The prospect of relocating to Beaufort for someone else is an adventure that keeps me from being bored or boring.   

Call me so we can begin the journey together. 

Deb Mitchell Fielden