Town Of Port Royal SC

The old village of Port Royal is on a peninsula bordered on the east by the Beaufort River (The Intracoastal Waterway) and Battery Creek on the west. The waterfront along the shores of Battery Creek and around the southern point have been owned by the SC Ports Authority for years. The Port Royal Channel which leads in from the Atlantic Ocean and the Port Royal Sound if the second deepest natural channel on the east coast. So the tip of the peninsula and the Battery Creek waterfront had been a thriving port for many years. Recently the port has been closed and the 52 acres the Ports Authority owns is under contract with a developer to begin the work on a master plan worked out between the Town and the Ports Authority. Once complete it will change the waterfront forever. Hopefully in a positive way. Parks, residential development, commercial development and a new marina are all planned for the area.

The Old Village of Port Royal which encompasses the area behind the waterfront is a mixture of light commercial on Parris Avenue and traditional walking neighborhoods. Many of the residential lots are small with cottages while some lots have been grouped together to accommodate larger homes. The atmosphere is laid back and simple.

Many of the homes and cottages have been either partially or fully restored by both homeowners and investors anticipating the growth the port. Since the port project has taken much longer than most anticipated and there has been an overall slow down in the market, prices have come down and there are some good buys that come on the market.

The official Town Of Port Royal actually includes areas to the west of Ribaut Road and the southern area of Port Royal Island but we have created a page with just focuses on properties that are available in the Old Village area of Port Royal near the waterfront. You can access this page by clicking on Port Royal Real Estate.

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You can also access an informative flyer produced by the Old Village Association of Port Royal by Clicking HERE.