Presentation is the first step in marketing any property.

Often even the smallest improvement can make a big difference in how buyers perceive your property.

Whether it is raw land, a building lot or a house.......focusing on the property's key attributes, curb appeal and access is key.

We have our own presentation division and have the experience to be able to advise you on where to not spend money and where to focus instead.

Below are a few of our projects which helped some of our clients sell their property faster or just to make improvements.

Islands Of Beaufort RemodelMove a fireplace and a wall to open the view and natural light

A wall with a fireplace separated the formal dining room from the living room as well as blocked light and water views. We relocated the fireplace, installed a beam to carry the 2nd floor load, and added new columns complete with arches.

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Waters Edge Investment PropertyInvestment Remodel

This project was an investment purchase and resell. It was rental in need of a face lift in a great neighborhood. We were able to sell this property at a profit the day we put it back on the market.

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Cedar Crest ladys IslandHelping a For Sale By Owner

The owner had this property on the market for a year with a lot of showings but no offers. We came in and cleaned up the landscaping, did some minor repairs, painting the front porch, de-cluttered and staged the furnishings ($2700 costs). We sold the property in less than 30 days for more than $9000 the owner had been asking.

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Tom Fripp PropertyFocus On A Property's Key Features First

This is a great example is how important it is to first focus on a property's key features first and do what you can to make them stand out or to improve them. We had money in the budget to correct what we thought might be negatives to our buyers. We focused first on this property's key features which was the high bluff, expansive deep water views, the curb appeal and the grounds. When we finished that part of our work it was obvious that a buyer's attention would now be on the key features and the property's setting. This helped diminish other items that may have been perceived as negatives. We were able to sell this property as soon as we put it on the market without doing any additional work.

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