Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island State Park is just south of Harbor Island and north of Fripp Island directly on the Atlantic Ocean. It is about 16 miles east of downtown Beaufort and is one of the most popular and beautiful parks in South Carolina. There are not many State parks the size of Hunting Island. This park includes 5,000 acres and it's 3 miles of natural beach is a destination for more than a million visitors a year.

Hunting Island first got its name when the island was used by the Beaufort locals for hunting game such as deer, waterfowl and raccoon. Usually the trips out to the island would last more than a week and back then it meant rowing to the island in large bateaus. Hunting Island, as well as many other parts of Beaufort, was a popular island for sailors and pirates to hold up before moving on to new adventures..

In the 1930's, the Civilian Conservation Corps built the State Park and the stewards of the island have kept the island in harmony with the natural environment.

On the north end of the island, barley discernible from the ocean is a tucked away beautiful campground. We were just out there last night visiting my wife's sister and husband at their campsite. They decided to "get away without going away" for a week at Hunting Island. We are hoping to find another spot to move the camper for us to use this week. It might be tough though as the park sites get reserved usually far in advance. So if your thinking about visiting the campground for a stay be sure to check with them as soon as you can for availability.

You can check out the Island's website at

Check out the island. It really is a special place.

See you there!