Searching for Beaufort Real Estate

I usually tend to make things a little (or sometimes a lot) more complicated than they really need to be. So when I give in an figure out a way to make things a little easier for someone it is sort of like pay back time.

I have spent the last week working on our website in an effort to make searching for a home in Beaufort a little easier. I haven't taken away the detail search that comes in handy when you need it, but I have added the option to see what I call my "area package searches". By pre-searching the current homes on the market by area and also by neighborhood, I hope give our website users a very easy way to view the homes available.

I know the Beaufort SC area like the back of my hand but I also realize that Beaufort is one of the most difficult areas to get to know. Our geography is so segmented by more islands, rivers, creeks and marshes than any single area along the SC coast that it takes a while to get to know.

So I have added a menu list at the top of the home page that has Beaufort separated into seven areas and have links to the current homes for sale in each by neighborhood.

Give it a shot and see how you like it. As always you can use the detail search to narrow down the list.

As an example you can click Beaufort Real Estate to see Beaufort homes for sale in the downtown Old Point, Historic District and nearby neighborhoods.

Russ Fielden