Beaufort SC Area Weather You Can Enjoy Year Round


Latest Beaufort, South Carolina, weather conditions and forecast

One of the greatest amenities the Beaufort area offers, next our waterfront, is our weather. Because of our mild weather there are numerous opportunities for fun things to do outdoors year round. Except during an occasional cold snap during December, January or February we can enjoy water sports such as sailing, boating, fishing, kayaking and just cruising our many creeks and rivers all year. And on colder days we still bundle up and get out on the water. Golfing, tennis, swimming, hiking and bird watching can be enjoyed all year. During the three coldest months we often have warm days and plenty of sunshine. We enjoyed our last Thanksgiving dinner outside on picnic tables overlooking the marsh and river on my wife's family property.

So if you are used to having to be indoors most of the time three to five month of the year then our climate will be a welcome change.

Our geography and climate make the Beaufort County area a very desirable place to live. We are in the middle latitudes so we are blessed with over 200 days of annual sunshine. Our relative close location to the Atlantic Gulf Stream assures we receive tropical air flow from the Southern quadrants and the Bahamas much of the year and especially in the spring and summer months.

The change from the summer months into the fall is slow and the color changes in the foliage on the trees is subtle. The leaves on the trees do not finish their final decent until mid January and within 6 weeks they begin there spring awakening in mid-March. So our winter is short lived and usually pretty mild. Snow is very rare, and if it does snow, it never last very long.

In the fall the deep green marsh grass turns to a golden brown and in some areas the marsh colors are noticeably more golden than brown. Take a look at some of my waterfront aerial photos I took from the air and you can see how beautiful the golden marshes can be in the fall months.

We all look forward to the cooler months after a long warm summer. Not so much for the change in the weather but the winter months are the time for oyster and clam roasts. Oysters and clams are at their best when harvested in the coldest months and the colder the better. Rule of thumb is that these shellfish can only be harvested during the months that have an R in them (September through March). Most of us prefer to wait until the water temperature drops in November to start thinking about gathering oysters and clams.

Our agreeable climate and our abundance of waterways have definitely made the Beaufort area one of the best places in the South to retire, relocate and enjoy a vacation.

So leave most of your heaviest winter coats, boots, hats and gloves behind and head our way.  Remember that when your looking for a home in our area you might not need as much closet space as you once did.

Contact Deb or Russ for some help on Beaufort area property. Deb is "ladys Island Local" born and raised in Beaufort. Russ is "The Coastal Guy" and can usually be found showing and selling our waterfront properties (unless he is checking the river access to the dock by boat).

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