Foreclosures In Beaufort SC

Beaufort has its share of foreclosures both in the home market as well as the land market. Most of the property that has ended up in foreclosure became over mortgaged during the height of the rise in real estate prices. Property owners have decided to let them go back to the bank or to another buyer.

Banks usually end up having to repurchase the property they have mortgaged and then attempt to resell at the best price they can to recoup their funds as much as possible.

Now that many banks have gone through the process of foreclosure, and the reselling of some of their properties, at least some seem to be much more streamlined in the process and often more flexible on price in order to rid themselves of a toxic asset on their books. Not all of them, but some, are being more realistic on what the market will bear when it comes to price.

Buyers should always have good professional real estate advice and representation when both searching for the right foreclosure property and the foreclosure purchase process.

Many buyers, especially first time home buyers, do not realize that they can actually have the professional advice and representation they need at no cost. Most of the time the seller pays all commissions and this is no different when dealing with a bank foreclosure. As a matter of fact, it is my opinion, that in dealing with foreclosure property (or short sales) it is even more important that you, as the buyer, have an agent who looks out for your best interests. Banks are never in a very good mood when they have to deal with selling at a loss and they always look out for their best interests. Let me repeat that....Banks always look out for their best interest. And not yours!

We are one of the most detailed oriented real estate companies in Beaufort. A lot of that detail comes from 35 years in the commercial construction business. We always do our best to cross our T's and dot our I's when it comes to any real estate transaction. We will always do our best to look out for your best interests and give you the best advice we can even if it means loosing a sale (and it has happened). We are in this business for the long haul and building relationships and trust is at the top of our list.

So if your thinking about looking into Beaufort Foreclosures, we would like to help. Use our Foreclosure Search page to get an idea of the properties available and then give us a call to help narrow the focus and make sure you get a good solid deal.

Russ is also a licensed residential and commercial contractor so you can rest assured he will be able to advise you on his opinion of property condition, construction quality and costs for any needed repairs of changes. There is never an obligation to use our construction services as many buyers have their own contractors or choose to do the work themselves. We simply offer construction advice upfront as an added real estate service to all our buyer clients.

Please give us a call when we can help. We're here to look out for you.

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