Plantations In The Beaufort SC Area

The Beaufort area is well know for its dozens of plantations that thrived during the sea island cotton era. The minerals that were in the soils that were deposited along our islands as the ocean retreated from the foothills of SC created the perfect conditions for growing fine cotton.

Beaufort was once one of the highest income per capita citys in America and much of that wealth can be attributed to the production of crops and products that came from our large southern plantations.

Many of the plantations in our area now are non-working and do not produce crops like they did in the past. Many have been restored and kept as private estates. Some are used for hunting retreats.

Only a few plantations usually come on the market for sale and they vary in size and amenities. Here is a link to a few that are on the market now.

Click here to see Beaufort Plantations currently on our open market

If you are in the market for a plantation or large estate property please let me know. More often than not, the owners of these type of properties prefer them to be marketed on the quiet side and I usually know of a few that can be investigated if you are a serious potential buyer.

My buyer representation services are usually at not cost to the buyer. My sellers usually take care of commissions or we can agree on a buyer's fee ahead of time.

I would be glad to help you locate the best plantation or estate property for your needs and work hard to get you the best price and terms.

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