Beaufort Multiple Listing Service

Our website allows you to search the entire Beaufort MLS data base for Beaufort homes for sale, land or lots and commercial property.

You can search properties on our website in a couple of different ways. For a detailed search where you can select particulars such as number of bedrooms, baths, price range and other details you may use our "Detail Search" menu at the top of this page.

We have also compiled pre-searches for you so you can quickly and easily see all homes available in each area and neighborhood by using the "Search Homes By Area" menu above.

If you are looking for strictly waterfront property then you should try our Waterfront Property page which give you all the homes and land available on the water by area and type.

And if you want to get a "Birds Eye View" of Beaufort and all the waterfront around each of the Islands then check out our Waterfront Slide Show page where Russ has put all his waterfront photos into slide shows.

And please remember that our Buyer Representation Service is free to potential buyers. Our commissions or fees are generally paid by the seller. So you can have free professional representation and help in locating the best property to suit your needs. And you r likely to Save $1,000's by using our services because we know how to negotiate the best price and terms just for you.

So give us a call if we can help. We are here to look out for you and your best interests.