Housing In Beaufort SC

Beaufort SC is a very diverse community with housing ranging from simple bungalows to antebellum mansions in the historic district.

The average price for a home is in the Beaufort area range from about $178,000 to $224,000.

Some of the specific areas are shown below;

Beaufort - $178,800

Burton - $160,000

Port Royal - $140,700

Laurel Bay - $142,400

Shell Point - $164,400

Okatie - $224,200

Housing prices are down since this time last year. Depending on the area prices have come down from about 1% to %10 on average.

Prices on some individual homes have come down even more. There are a lot of properties on the market right now but when a property that either just comes on the market at a very good price, or the seller drops their price to a very attractive level, buyers are there to step up to the plate.

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