Beaufort SC

Beaufort SCChoose to arrive by boat, car or plane to see whether Beaufort SC has what it takes to meet your relocation requirements. It is highly recommended that you spend at least a week or two learning the lay of the land while engaging the professional services of the Beaufort SC tourism office and knowledgeable local realtors such as Southern Coast Realty.

A Popular Destination

Within driving distance of most of the Eastern part of the US, accessible via the local airport, or moor your boat at the downtown marina within 300 yards of some of South Carolina’s best restaurants, shops. This is a city that is easy to arrive at, a pleasure to discover, and impossible to leave! Why not rent a holiday home for a month and take your time – it’s what the locals have plenty of and they love nothing more than to introduce a visitor or new community member to all that Beaufort SC has to offer. Although smaller than its other two famous Southern sister cities, Charleston and Savannah, there is an incredible amount to see and do. Beaufort SC gracefully balances modern urbanity with a cherished reputation of being graciously unlike other Southern cities, preferring to remain a little “off the beaten track”. Surrounded by miles of brilliant Atlantic coastline as part of South Carolina’s Crystal Coast, and fed by fresh waterways linking rural and urban tracts of island acreage, the City of Beaufort (pronounced b'yoofurt) retains a quaint seaside charm with a proud historical atmosphere as a National Historic Landmark.

Queen of the Carolina Sea Islands

Beaufort SCThis “Queen of the Carolina Sea Islands” has a population of around 13,000 and is considered a small coastal city. It is the 38th largest community in South Caroline and has a median household income of roughly $36,500 with a college-educated percentage somewhat higher than the average US community. Residents enjoy one of the shortest daily commutes in the country, spending on average under 20 minutes to get to work. Consistently rated one of America’s "Top Ten Places to Live" and with an average annual temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to 80 degrees in summer, it’s easy to see why there is a buoyant real estate market with a wide variety on offer- from fixer upper homes to historical homes for sale or rent.

Beaufort real estate includes of the most expensive homes for sale in South Carolina, but they are still more cost-effective than the more expensive options in the U.S. A few of the more popular areas are Laurel Bay and Shell Point, the historical centre, Port Royal as well as Lady’s and St Helena Islands. Local realtors, Deb and Russ Fielden are on hand to extrapolate greater information on these and other neighborhoods – such as where the gated developments can be found and what the local building codes are for restoring a house with a history. Cruise into town and enjoy a well-deserved break. The local food is excellent, the folk friendly and the weather superb – let’s go!