Beaufort SC Realty

Beaufort SC is a city with a small-town feel. This is one of the top 10 reasons this coastal haven in South Carolina equally attracts investors and those seeking a lifestyle change. Perfectly positioned to offer easy access to a world-class city, while not losing sight of the benefits of down-time spent in more rural spaces, homes in Beaufort SC reflect the modern demand for an abundance of lifestyle choices with real estate options to match. Beaufort SC Realty questions can be answered when you check with Deb & Russ.

For centuries South Carolina and her Sea Islands have accommodated individual needs within a growing vibrant real estate market, and an ever-growing demand for real estate for sale in Beaufort SC: ocean and resort properties offering unsurpassed views and that all-year-round holiday feel; historic downtown setting the Southern scene with spacious mansions and picturesque cottages standing side by side renovated lofts and new town homes; golf resorts and gated communities for those who seek a full set of amenities; waterfront properties where water views create an idyllic 24-hour backdrop to a life of leisure and pleasure;  condo’s for those on-the-go who demand independence and security within an ultra-modern setting.

Focusing on a Beaufort property lookup, Beaufort Real estatefalls within the downtown area of Beaufort and nearby adjoining areas in the City limits. The three main areas to begin your Beaufort SC property search:

1.   The Old Point Homes

Known as the "small Charleston area", with many of the homes positioned along the waterfront of the Beaufort River, this area is highly sought. It presents an ideal combination of a quiet and beautiful neighborhood within walking distance of prime shopping and well-known restaurants on the Beaufort Waterfront Park.

2.   Beaufort Downtown

The historic district of Beaufort extends west to Ribaut Road, bordered on the North by Boundary Street and by Bay Street on the South and is generally referred to as “the centre of Beaufort”.

3.   The Mossy Oaks Area  

South of downtown Beaufort and near the Medical Center area is the large neighborhood of Mossy Oaks, extending west from Ribaut Road over the waterfront along Battery Creek. Homes range from simple cottages and bungalows to large homes and waterfront estates.

Moving to a new location demands the capacity to identify an area’s optimal lifestyle characteristics. Often this goes hand-in-hand with a buyer seeking an overall lifestyle change. Looking closely at Beaufort SC, it is evident that a variety of lifestyle choice is abundant, and that available real estate options can cater to every heart’s desire. However, to navigate through an almost overload of information on the internet, takes skill. If this struggle resonates with you, and you long to simplify this process by speaking to a real person with a real life in a real community, why not rather choose to work with local professionals to prepare an optimal portfolio of Beaufort SC real estate? Could there be a better choice, than a vibrant team of residents with their fingers on the pulse of Beaufort, South Carolina? Deb and Russ Fielden are waiting for your call, and look forward to meeting the next best resident Beaufort has ever seen!