Beaufort SC Realtors

For many reasons which are obvious, even within only a few short minutes of arriving, Beaufort SC strikes any newcomer as a very special place.


As a region, South Carolina remains a popular choice in which to settle, offering a wide array of developments at the ocean, or on river banks, within aquatic grass vistas and near deep water creeks. As one example, waterfront property for sale in South Carolina ticks all the boxes for a broad spectrum of clientele. However, as often happens when there are a number of possibilities that could be the “right fit” between a client and real estate for sale in Beaufort SC, the decision-making process can become stressful and time-consuming for the buyer.

A sure way to avoid adding unnecessary pressure to an already momentous life-decision would be to seek out trustworthy, local advice from the get-go. Given that taking on a Beaufort SC property search on your own could end up being a deeply overwhelming and time-consuming exercise – between the mansions in the downtown historic district, golf resorts, and island neighborhoods, to name but a few – choosing a local realtor should be a day one decision rather than a last resort. In the same vein that you prioritize a trustworthy neighborhood and caring neighbors in your Beaufort property lookup, you would no doubt search for a Beaufort realtor who can also meet these expectations, and more!

The ideal person would be someone who was raised in the South, and who lives in or very close to the town or city on which you have your eye. They would need to be an active member of the community, well-known and well-liked. This person should not only be a self-made entrepreneur who runs his or her own business, but committed to service excellence. Can someone possibly meet all these demands? Could she or he not only meet them but exceed them? Imagine your delight when you realize that indeed, there is exactly this sort of realtor in Beaufort SC – in fact, there isn’t only one of this caliber, there are actually two!

Deb and Russ Fielden, an obviously dynamic duo, are indeed a rare find. They are not only a treasure trove of information on South Carolina real estate, but also have the willingness and capacity to share their wealth of knowledge with others. Deb and Russ have run, and continue to run, their own business where customer care remains the top priority. Personalized service is what drives Deb and Russ, as they put into practice old-fashioned values of attention to detail and a genuine concern for the client’s unique needs. Together they are a formidable team. And exactly because they work together and have a personal understanding of the intricacies of partnerships, they appreciate that no two clients are alike, and that every family is a completely independent entity. Southern Coast Reality knows that to be able to service any real estate buyer in a meaningful way, takes patience and a willingness to go the extra mile. Complimenting each other through their shared deep appreciation of their community, it is easy to see how this warm-spirited and much loved local couple turn client relationships into lifelong friendships. Aren’t Deb and Russ exactly who you’ve been searching for?