Beaufort SC MLS

The Beaufort SC MLS gives both sellers and buyers an advantage over the typical "for sale by owner" property. Sellers get the advantage of having 100's of agents working to sell their property to there realm of buyer clients. Buyers have the distinct advantage of previewing all the properties for sale in one place. MLS properties are separated by area, price, # of bedrooms and other very specific criteria. This helps buyers zero in on the property they are most interested in.

For the Southern Coast Realty proprietors, Deb and Russ Fielden, their primary goal is to make you happy. One of the sure ways of accomplishing this goal is to make the buying or selling of property – traditionally a notoriously stressful event – as relaxed and efficient as possible. With the advent of the Information Age, you can definitely take some of the stress out of your particular Lowcountry realty process by simply using Beaufort SC MLS brokers, Deb and Russ.

What is MLS, you wonder?

Let the organized owners of Southern Coast Realty explain:

MLS stands for Multiple Listing System. These are privately owned databases on which home sellers can list their property under the approval of certain real estate brokerages. A brokerage is a company that employs real estate agents: the intermediary between the buyer and the seller.

What are the benefits of MLS?

Russ Fielden outlines the advantages:

There are several benefits to using a platform like Beaufort SC MLS, whether you are buying or selling. The chief benefit is saving costs. Listing your home on the MLS will allow you to keep more money from the sale of your home and it may also help to sell your home faster. Most MLS systems are used by a few different brokerages, and these brokerages may be national and even international. This allows buyers and sellers to shrug off the debilitating tie to local market conditions, freeing up property buyers and sellers to meet from anywhere around the globe. It is profoundly more far reaching than other means of advertising, and a company skilled in using a tool like Beaufort SC MLS, will enable you to save limited resources such as time and money.


South Carolina coastal real estate is an especially popular market within the United States. Taking this a step further within this extraordinary region, an even more striking location is positioned, Beaufort SC. Land for sale in Beaufort SC has always offered incredible value for money, with some of the best prices and properties in one of the best locations in the world. Compared to other coastal markets, Beaufort waterfront prices have been lower and the selection more varied, with the added bonus of a boat-landing close to most neighborhoods.

Understanding the City of Beaufort and how it connects with other major islands – Lady’s Island, St Helena Island, Harbor Island, Hunting Island and Fripp Island – can take a lot of time. In addition, there are hundreds of smaller islands only accessible by boat. It makes sense, when considering a company which uses the Beaufort SC MLS platform to advertise land for sale in Beaufort SC, to choose locals who know the lay of the land.

The fact that you are on this website, shows that you have done just that! You have already found the exact team of locals you should have been looking for. If you have discovered either Southern Coast Realty or The Coastal Guy, you’ve already made a profitable find – and that’s before real estate has even changed hands. Deb was born and raised on Ladys Island and keeps up with all of the Beaufort neighborhood properties and prices on the current listings, while Russ, a local for almost 20 years, focuses on the waterfront and commercial properties and is well informed on all local requirements for zoning and waterfront construction.

Both websites are fantastically user-friendly, allowing for detailed searches of properties currently available, or to browse an area and neighborhood in which a favorite property might lie. When and as you are ready, do call – perhaps you have a question about nearby schools or docking facilities. Deb and Russ are keen to help you feel at home, not just to sell you a house.

Deb can be reached at (843) 986-7443

Russ can be reached at (843) 812-8862