Beaufort County Register Of Deeds

Beaufort County South Carolina is located between Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA. The County Seat is located in the City of Beaufort. Smaller towns of Bluffton, Port Royal, and Hilton Head Island along with the communities of Fripp Island, St. Helena, Yemassee form the municipal collective of Beaufort County.

The government services provided by Beaufort County include: Parks and Leisure, The Beaufort County Channel, The Register of Deeds, The County's Library System and the Sheriff's Department. In addition,
Beaufort County is home to a Naval Hospital, the Marine Corps Air Station and the Marine Corps training grounds at Parris Island.

County Register Office

Beaufort CountyBeaufort County Register of Deeds Office or ROD is a recording and public service office. The primary function of the ROD Office is to record, maintain, and preserve all land records for the County to make them readily available for viewing by the public. All recording of documents must be in accordance with South Carolina laws and County ordinances. Documents recorded include deeds, mortgages, easements, satisfactions, powers of attorney, liens, plats, uniform commercial code filings, and other real property transactions. Public computers provide access to certain Assessor’s Office and Court files. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

For a full description of services, examples of deeds and to search for property deeds that you’re considering as an investment, visit the county's website at or find them on Facebook and Twitter. Whether you are buying property in Beaufort SC or making changes to an existing structure, the Beaufort County Register of Deeds office is tasked with maintaining public records and documents, especially records relating to real estate ownership. They are there to assist you with the recording of land titles, liens, plats, and other property documents. It is extremely valuable to have a record of deeds in a single location. Particularly with regard to estate in land, which can be held in multiple ways, a single registry can provide some clarity.

Register Deeds

Beaufort CountyThe legal certainty provided by a title deed issued under the legal umbrella of the Beaufort county Register of Deeds is of great significance to all parties who hold, or wish to acquire rights in property. Without the certainty of a legal title registered with a deeds office, any agreement to invest money and time in Beaufort SC real estate could be null and void. This is why the meticulous recording of registration information by the recorder of deeds is so important. Each document recorded against the real estate’s title can be examined and the appropriate portion of the bundle of rights determined. These records assist potential investors, individual home buyers and developers to accurately research a site or home’s chain of title. This chain of title gives an exact representation of the sequence of historical transfers of title to a property. It runs all the way back to the original owner of the property. It is exactly to facilitate the smooth legal process of property transfer that a record of documents needs to be maintained by a registry office.

As you begin the process of property investment or perhaps take on a second, vacation home, remember that estate agents are trained to assist with property transfer and registration.  Perhaps you’re relocating from another county or even country and could benefit from speaking to someone who can explain the local laws and taxes without the jargon! There are a number of legal compliances which South Coast Realty can explain and assist with, for example:

  • Beaufort County Transfer Fee Exceptions
  • Title to Real Estate
  • Contractors Notice of Project Commencement
  • Satisfaction of Mortgage by Attorney’s Affidavit
  • Affidavit for Exempt Transfers
  • List of Document Fees

While you are exploring the area, why not stop off at Southern Coast Realty offices to chat about any concerns you might regarding the registration process of Beaufort SC real estate – Deb and Russ Fielden are the local specialists and would be honoured to assist.